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How to connect your Fly12

Modified on: 2019-02-05 14:11:16 +0800

Connection Guide

Pairing via Bluetooth

To start pairing your Cycliq device to your mobile device, please make sure you have CycliqPlus app installed first.

  1. Bring the device within 3 m (10 ft).
  2. Launch CycliqPlus app and scan your device. 
  3. Tap "Connect" and wait.

Let the app finish connecting before pressing any buttons. When it is ready, you can change the settings or review your footage 

Paring via WiFi

Once your device is paired, you will be able to review and edit videos directly from your phone. To do, this, you will need to connect via WiFi.

  1. Press "Playback" button and wait for your device to activate WiFi connectivity.
  2. Press "Connect" and select the WiFi name of your device (for iOS, please connect manually via phone settings).
  3. Once connected, please go back to CycliqPlus app and you will have access to the videos.


  • CycliqPlus app cannot detect the device
    - Perform a Bluetooth Reset and reinstall the app. Enable your BLE again by briefly turning on your device and turn it off before trying again.
  • I have done a Bluetooth reset and I still can't connect.
    - Please do a Master Reset and enable your BLE and try again.
  • I can’t access these settings indicated
    - Please format your SD card by following the instructions here.
  • I can’t connect via WiFi
    - Please do a Master Reset and try again.

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