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Start up and first ride

Modified on: 2019-01-16 17:25:32 +0800

To turn the Fly12 CE on and start recording, press and hold the power button for at least 2 seconds. Upon powering on, the Fly12 CE will play a power up sequence of beeps followed by up to 4 beeps to indicate battery level. The LED notification light on the side of your camera will flash indicating it is recording, with the colour of the flashing LED also indicating the battery level.

Battery level is under 25%
1 beep
LED light flashes red
Battery level is 25-50%
2 beeps
LED light flashes orange
Battery level is 50-75%
3 beeps
LED light flashes green
Battery level is 75%+
4 beeps
LED light flashes green

For more information on the sounds emitted by the Fly12 CE check out our visual and audio alerts guide here.

Pressing the power button will toggle through the brightness and light modes (constant, pulse, flash or camera only) of the bike light.

Other settings can be customised through the CycliqPlus mobile app or desktop app. These include:

  • Logo and timestamp (on/off)
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Video resolution
  • Segment length
  • Light modes available
  • Volume of beeps
  • Beep intervals
 Ready to check out what you #ShotontheFly? See Reviewing your Fly12 CE footage.

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