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Setting up your Fly6 Gen3

Modified on: 2021-06-10 11:30:09 +0800

For a quick and easy setup of your brand new Fly6 Generation 3, visit the Quick Start Guide on our website.

Step 1: Inside the Box

Step 2: Insert your SD card

Step 3: Charge your unit

Step 4: Download the CycliqPlus Mobile App

Download CycliqPlus app onto your mobile and pair your device to sync date and time.

  • Launch the app
  • Power your device on to activate Bluetooth
  • Search and Connect to your device in the CycliqPlus mobile app 
    • Note: connecting the device to the app automatically updates the date and time


 Note: Connect the device via Bluetooth through the CycliqPlus app and not through your Smartphone's Bluetooth devices list.

Step 5: Format your SD Card

There are several ways you can format your SD card but we recommend that you format via the CycliqPlus app.

Mobile: formatting via CycliqPlus Mobile app

  • Scan and select your device
  • Go to settings
  • Open system configuration
  • Select format SD card and format

Computer: Formatting via CycliqPlus Desktop App

  • Connect the device via USB cable to your computer 
  • Scan and select your device in the CycliqPlus settings app
  • Toggle format SD card
  • Click OK
  • Save and close
  • Unplug safely and power the unit on

Computer: Formatting via SD Card Adapter

If you computer does not recognise your Fly6 Generation 3 has an SD card inserts, please use the SD card adapter provided and plug it into your computer. Once this has been done:

Use the following video guide for MAC devices:

Use the following video guide for Windows devices:

Note: Make sure that you select the “FAT32” with 32 kilobytes of “Allocation unit size” for SD card up to 32GB for the file formatting your microSD.

After formatting, simply re-insert the SD card into your device and turn it on. The device will automatically re-install the system files and you will be good to go.

Step 6: Register your device

We strongly advise that you register your Fly6 Generation 3 with Cycliq. Once registered, you'll receive notifications for new software or firmware updates, new features and user tips. Registration also speeds up the process should you require assistance with technical support or warranty queries.

To register your Fly6 Gen3, visit, or use the CycliqPlus mobile app.

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