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Fly12 CE Firmware Recovery

Modified on: 2022-08-25 13:41:57 +0800

To attempt a recovery of a firmware bricked Fly12 CE (has become unresponsive/non-functional during firmware update), please do the following.

  1. Insert the card to a card reader. Format the memory card under Windows as FAT32, 32kb allocation size. Right click on the drive in Windows and select format to access this menu. Please ensure you are using a 32GB card.
  2. Copy the latest firmware files from the current branch to the memory card root. Use the v1.0.99 files for serial numbers of 0321X and below (attached to this article). Use files [insert files] for serials above this range, until we have a new release suitable for both image sensors in use in different production runs.
  3. Connect the Fly12 CE to power, be prepared to reset the device
  4. Insert the memory card and master reset the Fly12 CE
  5. Observe for the blinking red side LED to indicate that the device is ingesting firmware
  6. Cross your fingers and hope the device boots in approximately a minute

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