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I accidentally damaged my unit. Can I purchase replacement parts?

Modified on: 2019-01-24 11:39:06 +0800

Cycliq has manufactured robust products that can withstand some falls. With that said, cycling by its nature can sometimes be dangerous and whilst we believe that durability is one of the key features on all our products, sometimes things happen and your Cycliq product comes out second best.

We do not have a repair service and do not have replacement parts availableThat’s but we have the Cycliq Crash Return Policy to help you get back out on the road.

In the event that a Cycliq Customer has an accident that renders a unit unusable, Cycliq will offer a replacement unit of their choosing at a discounted rate of 40% off the recommended retail price. The new unit will also carry a One Year warranty from the replacement date, whether your old unit was still under or out of warranty.

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